Whirlpool of self-deception.

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We come across lot many situations which we don’t like, something which doesn’t feel good to an idea which makes us. The idea can be anything, personally, I don’t like duality. There is nothing wrong in duality as such, it’s just a personal choice. I may aspire to follow it someday, but as of now it doesn’t make much sense to me.

Self-deception. You see there is a picture that is presented to you, and there is an inner core where the reality exists. Take the help of self-deception, and voila, you have a perfect duality. This self-deception is so strong that it’s almost impossible to negate it. Maybe, just before the last breath, it breaks down completely, or maybe not. Who knows? But one thing is for sure, when someone gets caught-up in this whirlpool, it has complete grip on that life, and the life becomes a perfect example of duality. The reason for getting caught-up in whirlpool is unknown, probably it’s the greed, insecurity, ego, combinations, or maybe something else. Whatever may be the reason, it has a complete grip on the life. As the life gets older, it looks for a way to self-deceive from the realization of this self-deception, and comes the spirituality. This self-deceiving whirlpool always finds something to feed the greed, the greed of self-deception.

Have you ever come across such a life? Or you are the one caught-up in the whirlpool?

Roopesh Singh

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