What we need and what we want.

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We all are seeking that special person who is right for us. We see a stranger we have never met, and we think we want that person. We go ahead with the musical tune of our heart and our innocence is played out in a sense that we want the stranger to explore us as we explore them. But as the numbers keep adding, we begin to suspect there is no right person, just the different flavors of wrong. We begin to ask questions, and as we realize, we find, we never needed such beings. We find, we ourselves, have been wrong, seeking out the wrong partner in some complementary way. We never needed them, we just wanted them, to face our own demons. The demons of all kind.

There is a difference that we realize. It takes a lot to solve the problem lingering within us, the dark demon making the wrong choices. It takes a lot to grow fully into our own wrongness, the unsolvable problems of our twisted and tormented life. Once we have solved the problem of what we want and what we need, we are ready to accept the gift of true love.

Roopesh Singh

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