What is maturity?

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Is it a psychological process or a physical process? We call it psychological process, but is it truly just a psychological process? Is everything happening in our thoughts? How come everyone in a particular age group become mature, suddenly?

Is it a physical process? Is there some kind of hormone that is secreted to the container (the body), driving this container to perform various types of activities, depending upon individual curiosity, driven by a sense of exploration and area of interest. What happens when this container starts to depreciate? Are the hormones isn’t secreting the same way, or the container isn’t able to hold it to perform actions? When will someone mature, if humans lived for 200 years? Don’t you think sense of exploration will be there for more years if we were to have more years to live?

Tell me, is it a psychological process or a physical process?

As I understand, at psychological level, sense of maturity is being happy, self-indulgent, and to remain ignorant about lot of life’s shit, and at physical level, sense of maturity is preserving the ever depreciating perishable container called body.

Roopesh Singh

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