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Walking alone in the desert, the scorching sun overhead was burning down everything in me. I had survived a battle, with wounds carved all over my body, I walked all alone looking for a drop of water. I had forgotten counting days since the day I first felt the grains of dust filling my lungs. As thirst took over, all my senses stopped working. My blurry vision started deceiving me. My ears observed nothing other than hissing sound of wind. The dry mouth had nothing to taste except hot desert air, burning down my throat. It was at that moment I saw a Vulture. It spoke to me,

“Wayfarer! Are you lost ?”

I thought I was having another episode of illusion, but then I heard it again.


I looked at it again, and questioned,

“Am I having an illusion ?”

“No! Wayfarer. I can talk to humans.”

I was surprised, but I had not seen water for many days, so I asked if the Vuture could help me locate a source.

“You can fly. Is there a source of water nearby ?”

“Yes! It’s few miles in that direction.” It answered with a wing pointing to the west.

“Thank you! I must walk before my body starts collapsing.” I answered.

“Yes! Shall I accompany you ?” It asked and I nodded in yes. It had been many days since I had any interaction with a living life.

“You seem to have wounds all over your body.”


“Shall I help you with your wounds ?”

“I would have taken your help if you…“

I was interrupted, and it proclaimed,

“Do not question me Wayfarer, for I have helped many who were lost in the desert.”

The Vulture had come closer to me. Sitting on my shoulder, it continued,

“For my beak to have healing powers, I have cured many.”

The Vulture took a small bite of flesh from my body and continued,

“You shall not fear me, for I eat only dead not livings. I shall clean only the dead in you.”

I was exhausted, and all I cared about was quenching my thirst. I felt no pain as Vulture ate part of me. We walked for many more days, and I had started to feel my body collapsing.

“Wake up Wayfarer! For not only to quench your thirst, but to also see the beauty of an oasis.”

I was collapsing, and couldn’t speak a word. It continued,

“I must call my family Wayfarer, to clean your wounds, for you to heal, for you to gain your strength.”

And then I saw three more Vultures on my body, eating and having a feast.

Inspiration: The vultures
Roopesh Singh

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