Scribbles from life - Transformation.

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In a solitary phase, the color of migratory locust is generally green, camouflaged to blend with the background, and they are normally less aggressive, but when they grow up in a crowded place, strange things happen, there is a mutation, it’s called swarming phase, they become darker, and more aggressive. In order to survive, when there is not enough food for all, they become destructive.

Humans are same, in the world with limitations of desires, in order to satisfy their desires, they go through mutation. And the same way as swarming locusts, they become destructive.

Like swarming locust, I have gone through mutation, and have caused destruction due to the adapted aggression. My kindness and calmness is my choice, and I never intend to use the part of me which is very aggressive.

I rather intend this desire to cower like a caterpillar, and transform into something else called butterfly.

Roopesh Singh

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