The practice of mindfulness.

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Thoughts are powerful. A thought of winning a race gives adrenaline rush, a physical process in the body. If these thoughts make way into the subconscious world from the conscious world, the body behaves accordingly.

If it’s a positive thought, it will give you wings to fly, and if it’s negative thought, it will destroy you, eat you from inside. If it’s on conscious plane, you can reason it and play with it, but if it makes way into your subconscious world then the entire game changes. You can’t escape it or ignore it.

It’s difficult to bring things from the subconscious world into the conscious world, and deliberately transfer thoughts from the conscious world into the subconscious world. All it requires is depth of thought, depth of reasoning, and a humongous amount of physical energy. This is called the practice of “mindfulness.”

The connection between mind and body is real, and is very beautiful.

Roopesh Singh

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