The idea of self-indulgence.

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Why some people are happy and some aren’t. The answer is in self love, self care, and self indulgence. When you make your happiness circle around someone who doesn’t care or something which isn’t yours, you’ll never be able to experience what you are suppose to experience, happiness. So, make your happiness revolve around yourself. You are the one you should look for, and nobody else. Enjoy life, experience beauty, and be self indulgent. When you have found yourself in the pool of happiness, then you are ready to give happiness to others in true sense.

“But isn’t this being self-centered or being selfish?” She asked.

There is nothing wrong in being self-indulgent as long as your self indulgence doesn’t take peace of others, you yourself also included. Prioritise yourself and your happiness first, because if you are not happy then in true sense how you’ll give happiness to others. You’ll have to grow in being what you are, so there is nothing wrong with being “self-centerd” or “selfish” as long as you weigh the meaning of priority. Although, these two words have negative connotation, but language is mere a medium of communication. All I am saying is your happiness should be of utmost priority to yourself, and your growth. Your well being is in your hands not in others, not even God.

“Thank you! I understand, but what if it’s not you, but others actions and words that’s troubling you?” She asked pondering deep into her thoughts.

Your have answered your own question. When you say, “Others action and words are troubling you,” you are confirming what you are missing. Love for yourself. You are a caring person, and you care about actions and words of others, but in this process you forget you have to care about yourself too. If you have to ask, in my view, only two people have the right to say things and you should feel every word of it. Those two who brought you into this world. Keeping this in mind, you’ll have to understand, it’s your individual journey where you have to take care of yourself, and make yourself happy. Listen to your parents and rationalize it, because the world may not be same as they experienced. So, in this individual journey you have to find your own path, and discover yourself. Once you have made the discovery, you’ll find yourself abundent with self-love, self-care, and self-indulgence, and ready to spread it to others.

Inspiration: Conversation with a stranger.
Roopesh Singh

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