Characters, in book, in life.

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Characters. The most important aspect of any/every story. The main part of any storytelling. How gripping is a story depends on how a character is built. Once you have a character, the story just evolves and revolves around it. The more unique it is, the better the story. That’s the power of characters.

Life is somewhat similar. It’s a story with many unique characters. Each character is there to play a role with their unique attributes. Some truthful, some liars, some cheaters, some spiritual, some good, some bad, all are there to make it a big story. I always wondered why some act in some way while the other in some other way. When thrown with the same information, some are nice while some are awful, the answer is in the characters. Some are mute, some are deaf, some are happy, some are sad, all flavours are there. And I play the same role in some unique way in their life too.

We love novels and stories, with so many characters at our disposal, some we like some we don’t. The one that compliments, gets us, and the one that doesn’t, we despise.

From the character’s perspective, it wants to elevate itself to a place where it feels it has evolved itself, the elevation of spiritual, mental, physical, all aspects of life. Although the journey is yours, the ones that compliments will help you in the journey.

Some characters will elevate, some will drag down, and it all depends on what character you choose and hold on to. Choosing the one that compliments will not only give pleasure and happiness, but will help in the growth of your character.

A truthful character will find the comfort in another truthful character. A spiritual character fits well with another similar character, and two liars make a great companion.

Find the character in book, in life that elevates your soul, and helps you in your journey of building a character, in book, in life.

Inspiration: Real life and fictional novels.
Roopesh Singh

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