Mother of all deceptions.

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Have you ever thought what happens while you dream? How our brain creates a reality, and fills it with amazing details?

Consider this, while we dream, our brain creates a space for us, and it’s not an empty space, it’s a space filled with every single thing which will make it look like a real world. Aha! I should use the word “real” cautiously here. If I am visiting a supermarket in my dream, my brain creates a supermarket with every single detail. It does so by creating a perfect supermarket. You will find a security personnel at the entrance, a cashier at the counter, products on display, the color of the floor, building structure, the logo of the supermarket store, name it and you’ll find the minutest detailing in the dream. Digest this, you’ll also find random people roaming around whom you have never met in your (real) life shopping at the supermarket. Your brain makes sure that you never question the authenticity of the dream in the dream. That’s the deception game our brain plays with us every night while we are sleeping.

The question which we need to ask, can we catch our brain’s own deception? Knowing that the brain is the only instrument available to us to catch this deception, and is also the same instrument playing the deception game, it becomes really hard puzzle to crack. It’s a deception of some higher level. It’s a mother of all deceptions.

Roopesh Singh

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