Life and magic.

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We all love magic. Magic induces a sense of wonder. It detaches us from painful reality, and couples us with magical plane of hopes and happiness. It gives inner child a chance to escape from reality and lets its innocence dance to the tune of abracadabra. As the magician performs magic, his one hand is where magic is happening while the other one is busy performing tricks. If he is a good magician, he’ll never disappoint you, he’ll keep you busy on his magical hand. That’s where the magician art shines, keeping you in the wonderland.

If he isn’t a good magician, you’ll get disappointed with his magical hand, and you’ll look at the hand where tricks are happening, that will disappoint you even further. The disappointment will bring you back to the painful reality with added wounds. You’ll think magic isn’t real, but hold on, there is a better one still waiting to perform. Expose your disappointment and wounds to the higher element for healing, and clear the stage for new one. The one who had been waiting for you to clear the stage for him, for so long. Sit tight, show is about to begin, he’ll glitter your eyes.

We all play a role of either a magician or a child waiting for magic to happen. In somewhat in some sense, life is full of magic.

Roopesh Singh

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