Karma – Does it really work?

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For every action there is always a reaction. In my worst days, I am skeptical, and I question if karma really holds. I see injustice, and see people getting away with it.

Sometimes I believe it’s all a psychological theory propagated to maintain a moral code with no concrete action happening in the real world. I see awful people living life without punishment despite all the evil work done by them.

The problem is, in a world where we try to seek instant justice, karma doesn’t find its place. It isn’t about instant justice. It isn’t a movie where everything happens in just 90 minutes. It has its own timeline.

Karma isn’t an instant justice, and by the time it manifests, it will mean nothing to you. The person or the group of people who were wrong are no more, time has passed and they aren’t what they were when they performed such actions.

In some sense, karma is individualistic, associated with an individual. You can’t seek justice for someone else action, all you can seek is justice for your own actions. So, perform your actions, and seek justice for yourself. Everyone bears the fruit of their own actions.

As you sow, so shall you reap!

Roopesh Singh

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