How communication fails.

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During communication, either people speak different languages and meanings are lost in the translation, or they communicate in the same language but meanings differ. Let me rephrase the question, “Is it possible to transfer true fragrance of thoughts from one individual to another?”

Communication happens because we all have devised a system of common reference points which helps in transferring thoughts, and these reference points are developed over the period of time and every individual solidifies his/her own structure. Ask this, “Are these structures similar or more precisely identical?” For this to happen, you’ll have to confine individuals in the same space forever from the birth, but that doesn’t happen. Factually, communication can never happen in its true sense, the speaker is giving information based on their developed structure, and the listener is receiving information based on their own structures, and these structures aren’t same.

Is it a hopeless situation? No. Knowing all this, telling truth becomes very important, for the true fragrance of thoughts to be transferred, for the communication to go on. When I say about truth, I am not talking about universal truth, I am talking about localized or momentary truth.

Roopesh Singh

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