Plants are highest form of conscious life.

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Why plants are highest form of conscious life?

In my earlier blog, I left this topic without discussing why I feel plants are the highest form of conscious life, and left it to readers to contemplate. I hope some have given time to decode mysteries of this world beyond what is being presented.

Let me start from the perspective of a human mind. “These plants and trees are life forms existing here on this planet without any consciousness. There is a fruit hanging there on the tree to provide us food, to not just satisfy our hunger, but to also give pleasure to our tongue.”

Let’s try to look it from the perspective of plants and trees, what they have to say. “For me to survive and reproduce I must devise a way, which not only serves my purpose, but also serves others. So, I’ll cover my unborn child with a pulp, and that too a tasty one. These animals will get their food, and without even knowing they will help my child, the seed. I shall also cover the seed with a hard shell, sometimes these fools are too innocent to control their hunger, and go beyond what is required of them.”

Let’s see what nature has to say. “Well, you all are my kids, and I am keeping account of everything. Plants being the strongest ones and consciously elevated ones, must also flourish in the harsh environment, where no other life forms dare to exist, and provide sustenace to the natural ecosytem.”

To conclude, I ask you to look at the things from all possible angles/perspectives.

Roopesh Singh

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