What is Spirituality?

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What is spiritual? Is it the exclusivity of a place beyond this material world where all discontent soul want to fly someday? Or is it the experience of this life, in this material world, where every experience feeding to the soul is spiritual?

This question and the answer to this question, and the gap between question and answer is where all religious concept flourishes. This gap is where everything happens. Is there any exploitation of individual souls? I’ll leave it to individual souls to answer this to themselves.

I’ll come back to discontent souls who are interested in a flight to an exclusive place. Why there is a discontent? The answer probably lies in cause and effect. The activity of connecting cause to an effect leads to discontent. The past finding its way to present and present leading to somewhere in the future. Probably living frame by frame in the moment is solution, but then there is a problem of identity crisis.

I am not offering any solution here just questioning the structure of everything. May be, spiritual journey starts with the birth and ends with the death. The question that has an answer without any gap, leading to transformation of soul, probably is the exclusivity of spiritual experience.

May be, everything you did, you doing, or you will be doing is connected to spiritual experience of your soul. This is life, and we all are here.

Roopesh Singh

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